Syllabary of Non-Formal Education

Syllabary of Non-Formal Education

In the Czech-Slovak context, there has been a lack of comprehensive methodological support for youth workers on how to prepare, implement and evaluate non-formal education activities in youth work. We decided to remedy this, which resulted in a publication called Slabikář neformálního vzdělávání (Syllabary of Non-Formal Education).

The Syllabary covers non-formal education from the moment you are looking for what to do with young people to the evaluation of an already concrete educational activity. It describes in clear language the essentials for quality non-formal education in youth work. Its chapters provide context on the basics of non-formal education, an overview of its history and practical advice on designing, delivering and evaluating learning activities. And because we know that the practical dimension is important, the theory is always accompanied by practical examples and exercises. You can download the publication for free online. If you are a fan of the printed books, you can fill in a short form and for 350,-CZK, one copy is yours!

In order to allow youth workers to practice one of the most important competences in non-formal education – setting educational goals – in a practical and interactive way, we have prepared a playful e-learning as a supporting tool to the Syllabary. We have chosen this topic because it is crucial to know what exactly we want to develop in young people – that is, to know what is the goal of educational activities. This then makes it easier to take into account the many other things that need to be kept in mind for the success of an educational activity.

The impetus for the creation of the Syllabary was the long-term training Marker CS, which we have already implemented several times. Since we could not cover all topics in full depth and breadth in the training – albeit long-term – we wrote the Syllabary, where one can also read about other secrets of educational activities in youth work.

The Syllabary of the Non-Formal Education project was coordinated by Youthwatch in Slovakia, ANEV was the only partner organisation of this strategic project. The main donor of the project was the Erasmus + programme.