Online workshop on eduScrum

publikováno 10. 3. 2021
Online workshop “Innovation in non-formal education” will introduce the eduScrum methodology. It
is a framework inspired by the IT agile Scrum project management and adapted to the needs of the group or team education. Thanks to eduScrum, learners can cooperate effectively, grow their creativity and at the same time achieve learning goals. It supports learning autonomy, internal motivation, collaboration and independence.
During this interactive online workshop, you will learn the “what” and “why” of eduScrum. We will explore theoretical and practical parts of eduScrum and see real examples of how eduScrum is used as a framework to create meaningful, learner-centred learning activities. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to decide whether eduScrum is something for you or not.
When? Tuesday 23.3. from 5:30pm on Zoom
Tickets available on GoOut.
The workshop will be in English.
Why does ANEV promote eduScrum?
As ANEV team, we got acquainted with this method ourselves and realised it can perfectly fit youth work and non-formal learning settings. At the same time, it is a great tool for interactive teaching in schools. Let’s discover eduScrum and build bridges between different educational sectors.

Trainer: Mark Postema

I’m an eduScrum trainer and responsible for eduScrum in the Czech Republic. I’m also part of the international eduScrum team. Most of my time I work as a Physics and English teacher on an elementary school in Trutnov. I also work as a freelancer for several educational projects in the Czech Republic. I organize international internships for teacher and I’m tying to build bridges between education and business. Since summer 2019 eduScrum is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. More about me on LinkedIN.